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Bombers Original

Bombers Original

From the military uniform to the fetish jacket of strong heads, the Bomber has been constantly reinterpreted without ever losing its beauty. A duty of memory that Bombers Original® has made a point of celebrating since its inception.

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Led for several years by an experienced and multicultural team, the eponymous brand of "flight jacket" has naturally become a reference around the world, thanks to its timeless and essential models.

Since its creation in the 1950s, this emblematic jacket has crossed the decades without taking a wrinkle. Designed for technical needs rather than stylistic desires, the "MA-1" and "B15" models were initially developed for Navy and Air Force fighter pilots.

The characteristics of its genesis: warm to face the bad weather outside as well as inside a cockpit without heating, short not to be embarrassed on the ejection seat, lined with orange nylon to be better spotted in case of crash, and finally, equipped with its famous zipped pocket on the sleeve to place cards and pens. And it was without counting on a success on a larger scale as these "flight jackets" quickly became real objects of desire.

Adapted to the desires of the time and marketed to the general public, the popularity of the Bomber soared to the point that the most divergent cultures became infatuated with it and made it an identity marker. Adopted by Mods and Vietnam vets alike, as well as Hollywood's brightest stars such as James Dean, Tom Cruise in Top Gun and Steve McQueen, the jacket also made its way into the hip-hop scene thanks to Dr. Dre and 2Pac

Although the Bomber has gone through unprecedented proportions as designers have continued to appropriate it, it's the shape that has become a cult favorite that Bombers Original® wants to keep. A refined design, a quilted lining, a zipped pocket on the sleeve, ribbing at the wrists and waist. A magic formula that has made this jacket a fashion icon to which Bombers Original® remains faithful.

Today, the brand plays the versatility card and juggles between plain and camouflage, nylon and velvet, street-wear codes and sophistication, virility and androgyny. She reinvents herself season after season and imagines pieces of character that flirt with trends, while maintaining the traditional details of American army-wear and work-wear. Each collection mixes love and know-how through models designed for everyone (even the smallest).

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