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Posted on1 Year ago

The beginning of the school year is often the time when you wonder what activity your child will want to do this year. Whether it's artistic or athletic, it's important that your child finds an activity that he or she will thrive in and commit to.

Why not rugby?

Too often, parents are afraid to enroll their child in rugby because they associate this sport with a relatively violent activity. It's true, the shocks can be very strong and impressive in the pros, but rugby is not limited to that.

Contrary to what you might think, rugby is open to everyone, even if your child seems small and fragile. Not all positions require you to be strong and tall, whether your child is a boy or a girl.

Rugby has the advantage of being a truly complete sport, as it will work your child both physically and mentally. This is why it is highly recommended for children who have difficulty channeling their energy. Rugby is a team sport in which your child will blossom within a group and have a real role. Rugby will help your child develop several values, such as respect, sharing, cohesion and solidarity. In rugby, it is the team that wins and everyone's contribution helps.

From the age of 5, you can register your child in rugby, even if at that age, the practice is more like a giant game with an oval ball. Children learn to play with the ball, to catch each other and to drop on the ground. Recently, there has been "baby rugby", from the age of 3, which is integrated into an educational project corresponding to the learning process of the nursery school and sports, mainly centered on games and multi-sport motor skills workshops which contribute to the development of the child. It is around 13 years old that they really start to play with rules adapted to the child's level.

To practice rugby safely and above all to reassure parents, we advise you to equip your child with adapted protections such as a helmet, a mouth guard or even shoulder pads available for sale on our site