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Posted on2 Years ago

Let's start with a little history on the origins of rugby.

In the 19th century, one day in November 1823 to be precise, in the college of the town of Rugby, in the center of England, a student (William Webb Ellis) starts to run with the ball in his arms, during a game of soccer to go and put it in the opposing goals. While some of the students were shocked by Ellis' gesture, many found the idea interesting. They decided to create their own version of soccer, with their own rules, including the one allowing handball. This is how Rugby Football was born. By the way, you can find at replicas in the spirit of the first leather balls.

Today, rugby has developed and even diversified because there are many versions of rugby:

- XV rugby and its variants with reduced numbers such as twelve-a-side rugby, practiced in France in youth teams and regional senior reserve teams or seven-a-side rugby featured in the Olympic Games since 2016 ;

- rugby union, separated from rugby union since 1895, or its smaller variants such as rugby union IX or rugby union VII;

- Rugby without tackling, such as five-a-side rugby, touch rugby or tag rugby;

And let's not forget Beach Rugby (summer version) and Wheelchair Rugby (handisport version).

But then, which rugby do you want to play?

It depends mainly on your motivations and a little on your physical condition. If you are not averse to contact or even impact with other players, XV and XIII rugby with their variations and specific rules may appeal to you. On the contrary, you want to avoid impacts, you prefer the game of avoidance and passing, rugbys without tackling could be a good choice for you.

In any case, to play rugby it is essential that you are well equipped with protective gear (shoulder pads, helmet, mouth guard), with good shoes adapted to the rugby played and to the field (studs, molded or hybrid studs) and with an outfit adapted to the practice of your sport (shorts, jersey, technical t-shirt, ...).

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